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Jul. 9th, 2009


Writer's Block: Duos

Sam and Diane, Ross and Rachel, Chuck and Blair—who is your favorite TV couple?

It has to be, *drum roll*....

Spock and Kirk!

Aug. 16th, 2008


(no subject)

Oh, I'm terribly amused by this.

Aug. 12th, 2008


Writer's Block: A Posthumous Oscar for Joker?

Do you think Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar for his role in the Dark Knight?

He deserves commendation and acknowledgement for the unbelievable performance but an Oscar is going too far.

Jun. 10th, 2006


TOOL - 09/06/06

This has been cut for my own personal safety from several people on my friends list. This is about yesterday. This is about: Tool! ENJOY!Collapse )

May. 20th, 2006


I Feel You

So it was Carter's 18th celebratory party last night.
Good times were had.
His speech named (and shamed?) me as his fellow Green Box Cotcher™. XP
And some of his cousins are on crack or something, dancing away like crazy. They scared me at times.
And Martin was so pissed before I even got there he was drinking water, lmao. Still, the guy looked legendary in his full Scotch attire.

In other news - I wrote this Thursday night...
I'm still baffled as to where the inspiration came from, but it hits hard (for me and people who've read it thus far) - and for God knows whyever I had tears in my eyes writing it. Dubya-tee-eff?!
I Feel YouCollapse )

Have a good'n kids.

Apr. 12th, 2006


(no subject)

"you are one of God's mistakes
you crying, tragic waste of skin
I'm well aware of how it aches
but you still won't let in"

I love this song.

Jul. 9th, 2005


Nine Inch Nails

The set listCollapse )

Last night was surreal. After waiting since March to see them, I couldn't believe that I was actually getting to see Nine Inch Nails.

I got to Birmingham by about 10am. And made a new friend called Dave, he was in Virgin Megastore and I was browsing the Nine Inch Nails CDs so of course, he asked if I was going to the gig. We hung out for the day and went to Music Zone, where, not only did I get Placebo's Soulmates Never Die DVD for £8, but we met Casey Chaos from Amen!!

By 11 we decided to join the queue outside the Academy. We weren't even that far back, so we were confident that we'd get a nice spot on the balcony to watch everything from.
After 7 and a half hours of waiting, we finally got in, and me, Dave, Ellis, Cheema and Aly got a fuckin' awesome spot on the balcony, right opposite the stage.

I won't say much for Eagles Of Death Metal, not only were they bland, but also very fuckin' annoying.

Then, Nine Inch Nails walked out. In complete darkness the opening chords of The Frail blast out, and I was over the moon, just knowing The Wretched was going to be right after it. And when it happened, I screamed each and every word to it.

- You Know What You Are, well; have you ever heard God knows how many people screaming "don't you fuckin' know what you are!?" and drowning out 3 professionals doing it? It's awesome.

- March Of The Pigs started off with a weird bass-line. Then kicked in with Jerome Dillon, as usual, kicking ass on the drums. By the chrous, Trent stopped singing and let the crowd completely finish the song. By far a highlight. An experience that'll stick with me as well.

- Something I Can Never Have was emotional to the max, I came close to crying cos I was singing along and that paired with Trent's pained vocals, as well as it being the best night of my life was possibly why.

- They played my favourite track from The Fragile - Even Deeper. And it blew me the fuck away. Me and Dave were talking before the show, and it turned out he wanted them to play Reptile, and I, Even Deeper. And we both got what we wanted. Singing and screaming along to each song already, I even tried to put more effort into this one.
So today you can gather I have no voice left...

- Trent is a liar. He said that they weren't going all out on the lighting this tour. But during Gave Up and at the end, the red and blue strip lighting from the Fragility tour were there. If anyone has seen the end of this song on And All That Could Have Been, well, it was that re-visited.

- Hurt was another emotional one. The band left the stage and Trent performed it as a solo, with a keyboard. Many people seemed to be sobbing during it. It was intense.
Straight into Wish, Starfuckers Incorporated and Head Like A Hole and really, no-one could've asked for a better finale.

The most Trent said all night was "thanks" 3 or 4 times. I don't care. Nine Inch Nails are a band which has no need to talk, the music can do it all.

I know it's quite a biased review.
I had expectations, Trent blew them out of the water, Jerome Dillon pulling off You Know What You Are and March Of The Pigs on the drums blew them out the sky and the rest of the night blew them back out of the water again.
Seeing Rammstein next week, and they will have to put on a somewhat miraculous show in order to impress me.

Jan. 29th, 2005


[Gig List]

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LAST GIG: any bands marked with '*', Friday 9th June 2006.
LAST UPDATED: 10th June 2006.